August 30, 2011
Cologne, Germany
"I'm with You" was performed in sequence for a special event broadcasted via satellite to select movie theaters around the world. Although the event was promoted as a full album performance, the band decided not to perform "Even You Brutus?", apparently as Flea plays both bass and piano on the song. "Californication" is seen on the handwritten setlist, but was replaced with a second "Did I Let You Know" performance, as technical issues were present during the first.
Performance Stats
11th in

5th in

62nd in

Album Stats
1 The Uplift Mofo Party Plan song
Me and My Friends
1 Blood Sugar Sex Magik song
Give It Away
14 I'm with You songs
Monarchy of Roses · Factory of Faith · Brendan's Death Song · Ethiopia · Annie Wants a Baby · Look Around · The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie · Did I Let You Know · Goodbye Hooray · Happiness Loves Company · Police Station · Meet Me at the Corner · Dance, Dance, Dance · Did I Let You Know
Stats only reflect full song performances, not partial performances.
Line Up
SBD #1
soundboard audio
soundboard > unknown recorder
FM > Hi-MD(M) > FLAC
Broadcasted by 1Live, missing the first take of "Did I Let You Know" and jams.
SBD #2
soundboard audio
soundboard > unknown recorder
Broadcasted by SWR3, missing "Look Around", both "Did I Let You Know" takes, "Goodbye Hooray", "Happiness Loves Company", "Meet Me at the Corner" and "Me and My Friends".
SBD #3
soundboard audio
soundboard > unknown recorder
Broadcasted by Radioeins, missing jams and interludes.
PRO #1
professional video
soundboard > unknown
BCST SAT > TS [1080i]
Sourced from the satellite feed used by cinemas.