This Ticonderoga
Released On
The Getaway
June 17, 2016
Studio Album
Working Title
Recorded On
September 2015 - March 2016
Sound Factory · Los Angeles, CA
I met a man in a rock and roll band, he said "won’t you come with me?"
I let him know that I could not go, you see, I get mine for free

We are all just soldiers in this battlefield of life
One thing that’s for certain is my burning appetite

Step inside the emotional ride, I could use some company
Illusionary is so damn scary, I call my best friend Flea

This Ticonderoga is an element that shines
Connected by the great unknown, between us there are lines

Yes, I told her that I’m the older cat
Can I scratch your back all day? I would not have it any other way, well
Means so much to me, can you see the we?
What are we ever gonna do when all I want to be is next to you?

I took a girl from the underworld and I held her way too tight
When it’s all been said and done she was not up for the fight

We are all just soldiers in this open field of time
Hoping to get with you when you get right with your mind

It’s my favorite so I savor it
I must report that life is short, so of your love I’ll take ten quarts, well
There’s no end to this, don’t pretend to miss
You and you would not repent for sitting on my elephant and

Am I crazy to join the lazy zoo?
All these human butterflies and cactus flowers, swollen eyes and
I want the devil’s share of you, I do declare
Again I’m asking can I do when all these animals want to be just like you?

I met a girl with long black hair and she opened up so wide
A daffodil growing in Brazil and I picked her for my bride

We are all just soldiers in this epic loving flight
And no one that I know has ever really done it right

Done it right, done it right
Done it right, done it right