Storm in a Teacup
Released On
Stadium Arcadium
May 09, 2006
Studio Album
Working Title
Public Enemy
Recorded On
March 16 - December 2005
The Mansion · Los Angeles, CA
Come on come on baby
Let me show you what I'm talkin' about

You try to be a lady
But you're walkin' like a sour kraut

Looka looka lika lika
Like you want to get some

If you never tell a lie
Then you'll never have to play dumb

Dirty baby time you're gonna take some
Pretty baby love you're gonna make some
Little lady hearts you're gonna break some
Kinda shady tears you're gonna fake some

Dirty baby we’ve got a situation
Pretty baby open invitation
Little lady what a reputation
Kinda shady now you're gonna make again

I know you can straddle
The atmosphere
A tiny storm in your teacup girl
I know you can battle the
Masses, dear
A tiny storm in your teacup girl

Every other day you say
You're gonna have to bury 'em

Famous last words
Spoken from the laserium

Descendants had a record
Sayin' somethin' 'bout Milo

You can take the A train
But you're gonna have to lie low
Partial Performances

'Storm in a Teacup' has never been performed live