P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)
Good evening
Do not attempt to adjust your radio, there is nothing wrong
We have taken control as to bring you this special show
We will return it to you as soon as you are grooving

Welcome to station W-E-F-U-N-K, better known as We-Funk
Or deeper still, the Mothership Connection
Home of the extraterrestrial brothers
Dealers of funky music, P. Funk, uncut funk, the bomb

Coming you directly from the Mothership
Top of the chocolate milky way, 500,000 kilowatts of P.Funk power
So kick back, dig, while we do it to you in your eardrums
And me? I'm known as Lollipop Man
Alias, The Long Haired Sucker, my motto is

Make my funk the P.Funk, I want my funk uncut
Make my funk the P.Funk, I wants to get funked up
I want the bomb, I want the P.Funk, I want my funk uncut
Make my funk the P.Funk, I wants to get funked up

Yeah, W-E-F-U-N-K, y'all now this is what I want you all to do
If you got faults, defects or shortcomings you know
Like arthritis, rheumatism or migraines
Whatever part of your body it is, I want you to lay it on your radio
Let the vibes flow through, funk not only moves, it can remove, dig?

The desired effect is what you get
When you improve your Interplanetary Funksmanship

Sir Lollipop Man, chocolate coated, freaky and habit forming
Doin' it to you in 3-D, so groovy that I dig me
Once upon a time called, 'Now'
Somebody say, "Is there funk after the death?"
I say, "Is Seven Up?", yeah, P. Funk

Yeah, I dig, let me put my sunglasses on
That's the law around here, you got to wear your sunglasses
So you can feel cool, gangster lean, y'all should dig my sunroof top

Well, alright, hey I was diggin' on y'all funk for a while
Sounds like it got a three on it though to me
Then I was down South and I heard some funk
With some main ingredients like
Doobie Brothers, Blue Magic, David Bowie
It was cool, but can you imagine Doobie-in' your funk?
W-E-F-U-N-K, We-Funk

Gettin' deep
Once upon a time called 'Right Now'
Ain't it funky now?
Far around
Hey, doin' it to you in the ear hole

We're not leavin' y'all, I want you all to stay tuned for Starchild

Don't stop, get down
Talk, blow your horn
Pee you
Wants to get funked up
Well alright
Partial Performances

'P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)' has never been performed live

However, it was partially performed 2 times:

FEB 23

Hope Estate
Pokolbin, Australia
AUG 20

Randall's Island (Amsterjam Festival)
New York City, NY, United States