January 26, 1991
Los Angeles City Hall
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Performance Stats
1st in

88th in

Los Angeles, CA
568th in

United States
Album Stats
2 Freaky Styley songs
Yertle the Turtle · Freaky Styley
1 Mother's Milk song
Subway to Venus
1 Blood Sugar Sex Magik song
The Power of Equality
1 Cover song
Castles Made of Sand
Stats only reflect full song performances, not partial performances.
Line Up
AMT #1
amateur video
built-in > unknown camera
VHS(X) > MP4
recorded by Manwich Bros.
The circulating copy comes from a high-gen VHS, hence the bad quality.
AMT #2
amateur video
built-in > unknown camera
VHS(x) > MP4
recorded by Ricky Oliphant
The full show was taped, however the circulating transfer starts at "Yertle The Turtle".
© Cathy Simpson
© Toni Lynn Alexander