December 16, 1982
The Rhythm Lounge at Grandia Room
Los Angeles, CA, United States
This opening act, supposed to be a one-off, was performed for the release party for Gary Allen's debut EP "In White America". Flea joined him on stage playing bass.
Much has been written about this night for over forty years and every retelling of it features conflicting and often incorrect details, even by the band members themselves - Anthony and Flea have mentioned it several times as happening either on February or March 1983, and it’s listed as January 6 on the "An Oral/Visual History" book. The date was finally confirmed by primary sources for the book Out in L.A.: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, 1983 by the webmaster of the Sessions Archive.
Less than fifty people attended the show and no pictures or recordings ever surfaced.
Headliner: Gary Allen
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1st in

1st in

United States
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1 The Red Hot Chili Peppers song
Out in L.A.
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