April 28, 2007
Empire Polo Club (Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival)
Indio, CA, United States
Performance Stats
33rd in

2nd in

Indio, CA
957th in

United States
109th of the Intergalactic Tour
Album Stats
2 Blood Sugar Sex Magik songs
Give It Away · Under the Bridge
3 Californication songs
Otherside · Get on Top · This Velvet Glove
4 By the Way songs
Can't Stop · Throw Away Your Television · Don't Forget Me · By the Way
5 Stadium Arcadium songs
Dani California · Readymade · Snow ((Hey Oh)) · She's Only 18 · C'mon Girl
1 Cover song
Higher Ground
Stats only reflect full song performances, not partial performances.
Line Up
AUD #1
audience audio
Panasonic WM-61A > Sound Pro SP-SPSB-2 > Edirol R-09
recorded by Kris Sproul