April 17, 2017
Spectrum Center
Charlotte, NC, United States
Attendance: 12,577 / 14,553 (86%)
Support: Babymetal, Jack Irons
Performance Stats
33rd in

10th in

Charlotte, NC
1077th in

United States
90th of the The Getaway Tour
Album Stats
1 The Uplift Mofo Party Plan song
Me and My Friends
3 Blood Sugar Sex Magik songs
The Power of Equality · Under the Bridge · Give It Away
2 Californication songs
Parallel Universe · Californication
3 By the Way songs
Can't Stop · The Zephyr Song · By the Way
2 Stadium Arcadium songs
Snow ((Hey Oh)) · She's Only 18
4 The Getaway songs
Dark Necessities · Go Robot · The Getaway · Goodbye Angels
1 Cover song
Higher Ground
Stats only reflect full song performances, not partial performances.
Line Up
SBD #1
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